Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Bickersons. 2.0

Growing up, my older brother and I used to fight. You know, like siblings do.  "It's mine!"  "Give it back!"  "Stop it!"  All that good stuff. 

I remember one time my brother calling me out on the fact that I used to yell loudly so that I would be guaranteed to get the attention of whatever parental unit was closest.  At the time, I don't think I consciously realized I was doing it,  but of course, that was exactly my tactic.  We grew out of it eventually.  Especially when our Dad remarried and my step-mom and her four kids moved in - because that was when we got a glimpse at some experts in sibling battles.  The Bickersons.

My two younger step-sibs, lets call them Thing 1 and Thing 2 for the purposes of this post, were unbelievable.  Thing 1, my brother - age 9 when they moved in.  Thing 2, the baby girl - age 5 when we all came together.  They would just pick at each other constantly.  T1 would drive T2 crazy - and vice versa.  They didn't really fight physically that I can remember - but the nagging, the teasing, the never-ending pick, pick, pick. My Dad dubbed them, "The Bickersons."  I had never seen the likes of it.  And thought I never would again.  Funny thing, life.

Enter Wonderboy and Pixie.  Ages - almost 7 and 4, respectively.  I think they are going to give the original Bickersons a run for their money.  Wonderboy has inherited my "yelling loudly" technique.  Which, in hindsight, is completely annoying!  What really drives him crazy though is when the Pixie will say something nonsensical.  She's constantly bringing up events that only happened in her head which he is well and determined to prove DID NOT HAPPEN.  "You didn't have a party today.  Did she have a party today, Mom? See? You didn't have a party."

It's like he can't reconcile her 3yr old brain in his 6yr old brain.  As far as he's concerned - anything that someone says is taken at face value.  If she calls something by a wrong name, he has to point it out.  If she says something random, he has to prove that it's nonsense.  It's that same pick, pick, pick.  GAH!

Then, of course, are the times when it does get physical.  This is usually running around play that turns into something more rough and Wonderboy forgets that she is smaller then him.  I always know the moment it has gone too far because I will hear her start to cry and he is instantly trying to make her laugh so he doesn't get busted.  Lately, his tactic is to hit himself "in the jimmies," or tell her to.  (Because everything to do with butts or penis' is hilarious, didn't you know that?)  Anyway, I'm waiting for the day that it's going to backfire on him and she's going to haul off and kick him in the nuts.

They are driving me mental.  And I'm not always sure the best way to handle it.  Intervene?  Don't intervene?  Let them try work it out?  (Secretly, and as a former "little sister"  I tend to think that route usually benefits the elder child...)  Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Because if I don't get some relief from the Bickersons Next Generation soon I might as well go out and buy my own liquor store.