Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Google Desktop now supports 64 bit Windows

Last September we released Google Desktop version 5.8, which was lighter, faster and free of trans-fats. We also asked for any feedback, and users responded with "how about 64 bit support?" Well, as of today Google Desktop supports 64 bit Windows - go ahead, give it a try.

In addition to supporting 64 bit Windows systems, Google Desktop now supports the latest browsers as well (Google Chrome, Firefox 3, & Internet Explorer 8). Most browsers now integrate safe browsing solutions to protect users from malware and phishing. This is similar to what the Google Desktop Safebrowsing feature accomplishes.

To ensure that Google Desktop offers an efficient, optimal experience we will be removing the Safebrowsing feature on July 31. We encourage everyone to make sure they are upgrading to a browser that protects them from malware and phishing.

We hope you enjoy using Google Desktop on 64 bit Windows systems!