Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Get down, get funky.

A month or so ago I was driving to work and rockin' out to the Blues Brothers.  Singing and air guitaring/keyboarding my way through my daily commute.  I sort of half notice this pick-up truck alongside me - because, truth be told - my ride to work is kind of like my own little NASCAR track.  I see which car I can get ahead of and stay ahead of, or who is determined to stay ahead of me.  It's like chess.  You get the idea.  So I pull up next to this pick-up at a stop light, singing my head off to Aretha Franklin's "Think."  Light turns green and off I go.  Pick-up is keeping up with me, but then I get ahead and move into his lane.  We come to another light and he pulls up on the left of me.

Ah-ha.  So now it is on, Mr. Pick-Up.

With Jake and Elwood as my background, I pull ahead as the light turns green.  Leaving Mr. Pick-Up, and his "hemi" in my not quite an SUV dust!  HA!

Not long after, I'm at work, getting my morning going.  When the restaurant manager, Sean, comes in and says, "Hey!  Did you know that was me driving next to you?!"

Uuuummmmm.  No. No I didn't.  Then he proceeds to tell everyone about driving next to me as I was speeding my way along and obliviously singing my heart out.  I was slightly embarrassed.  Until he got to the part about me blowing his doors off - then I felt better.

The thing that struck me then - and again today as I was driving home and singing my heart out to U2 - was that I hardly ever see anyone else openly enjoying music in their cars.  I started to pay attention to it tonight.  I was at a red light, and also at a particularly good guitar section of "Breathe,"  and as I pan my vision to my rear view and side mirrors I don't see anyone in their car who is obviously listening to music.  There were no drum beats on the steering wheel.  No singing (which, has anyone else noticed? can totally be mistaken for crazy talking to yourself.)  Not a single air guitar in site!  I mean, I can't be the only one, right?  If you are alone in your car, do you not take the opportunity to listen to something other then The Backyardigans?  And really get into it?  What is wrong with all of these people?