Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Google Gadgets for Linux 0.10.4

The 0.10.4 release of Google Gadgets for Linux is out, with optimized performance and memory consumption, as well as many bug fixes. To install or upgrade your copy of Google Gadgets for Linux, just download and install the binaries for your platform.

The new release supports more gadgets, including the recently released YouTube, Gmail, and Google Docs gadgets. Here's a picture of the YouTube gadget running on Linux.

The next picture shows the Gmail and Google Docs gadgets running on Linux. Note$3A If you've already unsuccessfully tried using the Gmail gadget, be sure to download the latest version of the Gmail gadget.

If you're a developer, try the dramatically improved Gadget Designer. It can now create new gadgets, and it runs as a separate application. Here's a picture.

As always, you can find the source code at the google-gadgets-for-linux project.