Friday, June 25, 2010

Pixie, 4.0

On the momentous occasion of the Pixie's fourth birthday, (yup, three years and eight days apart, didn't even plan it!) I decided to ask her a few questions about what made Four so important.  Her answers to my pretty silly questions - hey, it was early in the morning! - are in italics.

What is the best thing about being 4 years old?
The shoes I'm wearing. (In her defense, they were a very pretty pink and she did pick them out herself.)

What's your favortie thing to do with Mommy?
Go to Nana's house.  (I know someone who is going to like that answer!)

Favorite thing to do with Daddy?
Go somewhere to eat!

Favorite thing to do with Wonderboy?
(Tough to decipher this one) Look and see for a Christmas tree.

Favorite people to visit?
My family.  (awwwww)

What's your favorite thing to eat?
Hot dogs. (all about the nutrition in our house!)

What else do you like to do?
Play in the sprinkler (although only if it's about a foot high.)

What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
Hot dogs, silly! (oh right, of course. (I do not let her eat hot dogs for breakfast.))

 What else do you want to tell us about being four years old?
Our house is not painted yet.  (well, that's true. Jeez, pretty observant.)
Anything else?
I want you to be little so you can sit in my seat and I want to be big and sit in your seat in the car.

Well! Mommy looks forward to that time too, sweetheart.

In all seriousness, you my darling Pixie, are beyond a joy to me.  From the way you start many sentences by saying, "Well, actually..." to the way - tonight - while we were at a red light you mimicked my, "Come ON, lady" perfectly.  You add laughter and light to our lives every day.  Happy Birthday my beautiful girl.