Thursday, June 10, 2010

One More Thing I Should Have Thought Of Because Now I'd Be Rich

Have you seen these things? 

They are called "Silly Bandz" or "Krazy Bandz" or some other foolish name that replaces an "s" with a "z" (annoying)  and they are sweeping the nation!  Or at least, our town.  Everyone from four year olds to college kids are clamoring for these things.  Little colored rubber bracelets in the shapes of dinosaurs or tiaras or sea creatures, etc, etc. 

First of all, are we in 1983?  Because if so, I've got some serious neon to dig out of storage.  I'm telling you people, if only Madonna had branched out a little from this look,

she could have been even more of a bajillionaire!  As I'm sure the people who created these things are sure to become.  Well, maybe not bajillionaires - but you know what I mean.

And yes, our house is no exception, we have lapped up the Kool-Aid:

I'm kind of shocked at how quickly I caved to this trend.  Not that I am anti-trend per se, but I'd like my kids to not jump intoevery new thing that his or her friends have.  That being said, forking over $3 for a little peace and quiet doesn't seem too bad.  At least it's not $100 sneakers.