Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On this day...

Well, actually - on this day tomorrow.  Wait, does that make sense?  Let me start again.

Seven years ago right now I was in the hospital.  It having been decided earlier in the day that it was time for Wonderboy to come out.  Thing was, he didn't want to come out.  But, the doctor said it was time.  However, not only was WB not ready, I wasn't - ahem - physically ready either.  So - seven years ago right now I was in a hospital room experiencing, "the balloon".  (I know you feel me Aging Mommy!)  Anyhoots, one uncomfortable overnight, and a lot of pitocin the following morning, and a lot of waiting around for the people in the lobby....and the WB came into being.

Truth be told, I wanted a boy.  We had found out the sex, and I was thrilled.  I had an older brother and I just wanted a boy first.  And I got him.  And then didn't have a clue what to do with him.  You know how it is in the beginning of your first child - when everything is terrifying?  It was.   And yet, wonderful. So very, very wonderful.

And now my baby, my little perfect first child, is turning seven.  F*cking SEVEN.  How did this happen?!?!  His first word was, "quack."  Literally.  We thought he was going to be very well-versed in duck speak.  He learned, "no"  soon enough.  And we, foolish first parents, thought it so funny to hear him say it in his adorable voice, we would ask him questions we knew he would say, "no" to.  Learned that the hard way.  (Also learned not to say, "Dammit!" or "Jesus Christ" within ear-shot.)  He learned to climb stairs when we moved into our house when he was two.  When he was three he not only gained a baby sister, he called me a "crazy bitch" in the Atlanta airport.  (Which he had overheard from some punk at daycare - not at home!)

Four was an even bigger declaration of independence.  But not as hard as three. (Thank the good lord.)  Five brought kindergarten and learning and karate and oh my, how he has blossomed.  Who is this boy?  Where is my baby?  Six has flown by in mostly good terms.  There was talking back and drama and fights with his sister, but there was also kindness and curiosity and laughter.

And there was a kid who, a couple of days before he turned seven, happily went for a walk with his Mom and talked about his day, and held her hand.  A kid who will always be my baby.