Saturday, March 3, 2012

Just for the heck of it....

Re-posting a conversation with my daughter in 2007.  We were heading home from a motocross race, and stopped for a bathroom break at:

P:    Mom, what took you so long?

Me: I was stuck in the stall.

P:   What?

Me: I couldn’t unlock the door to get out!

P:   hahahaha

Me: You can laugh all you want to, I was trying to see if I’d fit under the door to crawl out.

P:   hahahahaha (brat)

Me: Shut UP. I want a Happy Meal.

P:   What?

Me: I want a Happy Meal.

P:   Uh, okay. Are you a boy or girl?

Me: Huh?

P:   Well, you get a prize!

Me: Oh, okay, I forgot,\; then I’m a girl.

P:    Do you want apple juice, milk, or a soft drink. Hahahaha

Me:  A Coke and stop laughing.

P:    Okay, what do you want with it?

Me:  I just told you.

P:    No! What do you want to eat?

Me:  Whatever it comes with.

P:     hahahaha

MAN!! KIDS!! When they're growing up, we try to make them laugh; then when we get older they laugh at us!
Have a wonderful afternoon!