Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I just need to talk.....

On Sunday, I rec'd a call from a very old friend that I worked with back in the 70's.  During the conversation, she remarked that every time she goes on FB
she reads that "something else" is going on with my family.  While that
may be true, I assured her that I try to make "light" of what is happening,
and that I didn't realize I complained that much.

So, this morning I debated whether or not to write about what happened
yesterday.  But, you know?  Things happen that we have no control over,
and while I do try "not" to complain, I feel that I've made friends here
on my blog, some of whom I may never meet,  but who have been so
generous to me and my family, especially in the last 3 1/2  years since
my grandson Ben passed away.   And,
most of you have been great prayer warriors while in turn I pray
for those I know who are in need of virtual hugs, and prayer.

So, here goes.

I was sitting here yesterday counting my blessings which are MANY
when the phone rang.  It was my granddaughter, and I couldn't make
out even one word she was trying to say.  She was sobbing; I waited
and tried to let her get her bearings so to speak.  Eventually, I was
able to understand only a few words which were:
"It's Rylan, Memaw."  Oh my God, I just kept waiting,
and waiting.  Then, I could hear "at her well baby appt, the
doctor said we have to take her to a neurologist because
her skull is deformed."  Oh man.  I told her to stay where
she was and I'd be right there.  My daughter asked "what's wrong?"
and I told her what little I knew.  We both immediately got dressed
and flew out the door to St. Augustine.

When we got to where Britt was, we found her sitting on the curb
sobbing her heart out.  The girls were in the car; Patti went to
Britt and I went to the car.  Hunter opened the door and I could
see that she'd been crying also.  She threw her arms around me,
then said, "Mommy's upset but she's gonna be okay."  I hated
that Hunter knew what was going on, but of course Britt had
picked her up from school and had witnessed  her mom being
shell shocked, crying and talking to me on the phone.

To make a longer story short, Britt showed me the paper the
doctor had signed, referring Rylan to a neurologist.  The writing
said "Deformed skull,  craniosynostosis"  Unfortunately,
the doctor had told Britt ALL the things that could go wrong
including brain damage. I wish he hadn't been so blunt