Monday, May 24, 2010

Yeah, so about that whole "shred" thing...

I totally bagged out on it.  I started doing the second work-out - and I liked it, but damn if stuff didn't get in the way and I really, really lost my early on motivation.  I'm also pretty sick of looking at Jillian's smirky face, so I'm taking her away.  It was real, sweetie. 

The bummer part about it was that I was actually seeing some results!  Some definition where there was none before.  You'd think that would be enticement enough to keep it up.  I think I got bored with it.  Which is pretty lame considering it was only 20 minutes of my life every day to commit to.  But somehow, that seemed like too much of a challenge.

So I've been doing a fat lot of nothing in the work-out department.  I need to find that motivation again.  Just to do something!  My younger sister has been running since last November - all through the cold New England winter she would go at least a few times a week.  And man, does it show!  She looks great.  I've been circling around the idea to try that.  Except the whole "running" concept really does not appeal to me.  I'm trying to work myself up to walking and then maybe throwing some running in if I feel really inspired.  Unfortunately, I have yet to carve out the walking time in my schedule.

I think I will though.  I do like the results I saw during my shred days.  I don't think I'll never work out again.  For me it's the constant battle of managing my time.  Well, work in progress and all.

At least I don't have to look at Smirky McSmirkson anymore.  So I got that going for me!