Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And the Prodigal Son returns

As TNC (my step-mom) said, "He walked on that plane like he was getting on a bus.  Not a bit of worry in sight."

Which is exactly how he came off the plane.  In the Iron Man t-shirt that my Rent's got for him on, I think, his first full day - that I'm pretty sure he wore almost every day he was down there.  He had such a great time.  Lots of golf cart trips with Papa and Sadie (the dog). 

I figure it's okay if the dog is not anonymous

So many times going to the pool that even he lost count!  Movies, ice-cream, carousel rides, zoo trip, a visit to Ripley's Believe it or Not! that we all thought he would be totally into but apparently, "scared me to death!" 

I can't understand at all why he would be scared?!

Couple of highlights that I want to remember for him:
The first leg of his flight circling Baltimore for an hour and a half because of weather - and him getting off and saying, "That was the best ride of my life!"  Also, having his picture taken with the captain of the plane (once they'd landed.) 

Seeing a group of World War II veterens on the stopover in Baltimore and insisting on going around to all of them and saluting.  Also asking TNC if she would take his picture with a couple of them. *sniff!*

Taking his first golf cart ride at 1AM in the morning when they finally made it to the house!

Going to the pool three times on his first full day there.  And multiple times every day thereafter.

Having my parents bring him to Target so they could buy him underwear because they couldn't find where I'd packed it *ahem, zippered suitcase pocket*.  Guess they aren't into the whole "commando" thing.

Doing one page in his "vacation journal" which was homework from his teacher.  Which resulted in me cracking the whip at 9PM last night so we could GET IT DONE, please god!!!

Visting the zoo.  Coolest part - petting the stingrays and the water park!  (Literally, since it was something like 90 degrees.)

Stingrays are awesome

Oooo, cooling.
(I would just like to say that none of the other people in this picture are related to me.
Expecially the chick with the pink hair.)

Meeting the pilot on every single plane he was on.  Also going into the cockpit. 

And for me?  Seeing the Pixie go running up to him and give him a huge hug when he came off the plane. So sweet.  Of course, that changed within fifteen minutes of being in the car together.  But, that was to be expected...

Thanks, all, for your support.  It was tough - and we missed him.  Although, as I emailed to Deckside Thoughts, he was still a punk to me over the phone on his second day there, so that tempered the missing just a bit!