Friday, April 30, 2010

Mind of the Pixie

I don't know where some of the stuff comes from that rolls around in that little brain of hers, but here are some recent examples.

"I'm going to build a swimming pool."
"Oh really, honey?"
"Yes.  We are going to build it when we get home.  I need some wood and some water."
"Hmm. I don't think we have enough wood or water at home to build a swimming pool. Maybe we will have to build it another time."
"Well, we can just stop at the water and wood store.  It's not very far from here."

This is the point where I have to break it to her that we are not going to be able to build a pool today. We can't get to the Wood and Water store in time.  She assures me, again, "But it's not far from here!"  "Far" and "here" being completely fluid things, you understand.

This morning, on our way to school, she came out with this one,

"I love flowers."
"I love flowers too, sweetie!"
"But I also like bugs."
"Well, that's cool.  You can like both things."
"I love ladybugs.  We need to go get some at the ladybug zoo."
"The ladybug zoo?"
"Yes. It's not far from here!"

I'm starting to see a trend.